Resting place

Entertaining and "Slightly different" kind of a resting place near Kouvola.

Kymen paviljonki is a resting place, which offers everything necessary and a bit more. We have invested in making you as comfortable as possible: both outdoors and indoors. You can walk in our gardens, visit protected lund forest or relax at our pier. During the summer you can come take a look at our goats and chickens.

Lunch and snacks - savory and sweets.

Kymen Paviljonki is different, versatile and comfortable rest stop near road 6. We bake our savory and sweets by ourselves. you can see it from here

We accept cash, card, Smartumpay, ePassi and Eazybreak as payment methods.

Toilets are big and comfortable and there is plenty of parking space available.

Lunch from buffet

Business days 10,50€
Sat-Sun 11,50€
Two warm food choices, salad, water or home-brewed-beer, bread, butter and coffee or tea.

Soup of the day

Soup of the day, home-brewed-beer or water, bread, butter and coffee or tea.
Price 6,50€
+ salad 2,00€

Steak of the week

Changing steak of the week 12,90€
Salad, home-brewed-beer or water, bread, butter and coffee or tea.

Abit more festive lunch

Alcohol free toast (Pommac or alcohol free cider)
Lunch of the day from buffet
Cake and coffee or tea
Business days 24,00€/person
Sat-Sun 25,00€/person
Without toast
Business days 22,00, Sat-Sun 23,00/person
Children between the ages of 2-11 eat half of the price.
Dining area is isolated part of the dining hall or Pioni-party area.
Setting is done by your choice of table cloths - toast, coffee are delivered to your table.

Muut herkut ja leivonnaiset

Come pick up self baked goods from our baking section - from delicious cakes to gluten free products. We have wide range of our own products.

We also have Brunbergs, Kouvolan Laku's, Lakumesta's and Runeberg's products for sale.

Products from Kymenlaakso-section provides wide range of local products.